Before every work I plan my entry, mapping out how the artwork should operate in the desired space. The artwork becomes a tool for me reaching my purpose: Interaction, questioning, improvisation. The medium I chose to operate in is therefor not fixated in a specific field. The viewer doesn’t see a “logical picture” a diagram or a topographic map of the state of mind I was in. Information coming towards you as a viewer shouldn’t be a straightforward jingle. I want to create a three dimensional picture that is abstract, yet it represent my concept. A “logical picture” show a two dimensional world were practical information is emphasized. Explaining works “tools” that I create for a public is therefor not the actual core of my work. It’s because the result that is shown isn’t important for me, if I explain the background story I don’t get what a want,honest reaction. I’m interested in places and situation that occur in our social environment.




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